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Working with Camden Wealth Advisers

What to Expect

Developing a plan for your future and explore the opportunities available to you with Camden Wealth Advisers. Here's what you can expect working with us.

Developing a plan for your financial future should be something on the top of our priority list. Sadly, for many of us, we don’t know where to start and what options are available to us. At Camden Wealth Advisers we aim to make working with a financial adviser simple and easy. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting meaningful relationships so that you become confident in your financial choices and ultimately so you can retire well.

Your advice journey starts with a call or email; we book a 30-minute obligation-free phone or Teams based discussion.

Connection Call – 30 mins obligation free discussion. During this call, we discuss your goals and reasons for seeking advice. We determine if we might be the right fit for each other.

How We Work

Discovery Call

A free 30-minute obligation-free discussion. During this call, we discuss your goals and reasons for seeking advice. We determine if we might be the right fit for each other.

Fact Finding

If we decide to proceed we will arrange a further meeting (in-person or via Teams) to uncover key details about your situation. We may ask for a holding deposit prior to this meeting and for you to complete some pre-meeting details to allow us to focus on your goals. We will provide you with a Terms of Engagement and estimated costs.

Research and Review

​We will research your current situation and consider scenarios that may be right for you. We may contact you to clarify some of your goals and prioritise these if necessary. We may adjust our Terms of Engagement based on our research findings and will provide final costings at this point.

Plan Presentation

We will contact you once your plan is ready and arrange to email your plan to you (as appropriate). Your project will be presented to you at our meeting, along with any supporting documents. We will discuss each of our recommendations and the consequences of your circumstances. You will have a chance to review all records and consider decisions. Please be aware that all plan fees become payable if you do not proceed.

Initial Implementation

You may opt to undertake your own implementation however, in most cases, we will make arrangements to send documents as required to providers and make changes as per our agreement.

Finalisation and Follow Up

Once all recommendations are in place we will contact you to confirm that everything is in place and ensure that you are comfortable with any changes that have been made. We may also contact you after around 6 months to ensure that our recommendations remain appropriate.

How can we help you?

Camden Wealth Advisers provide a holistic, personalised and bespoke service for our clientele. We are authorised to provide advice, and deal in, the following areas:

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Pre-retirement Strategies


Retirement Advice

Investing for Growth

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Government Assistance

Personal Insurances

Shares & Managed Funds

Redundancy & Retrenchment

Budgeting & Cash Flow


A Bit About Fees

A full breakdown of our fees can be found in our Financial Services Guide.

Initial Advice Fee

The Initial Advice Fee covers the provision of one-off advice. This fee covers the research, review and development of your initial personalised plan. It is determined based on the areas of advice covered & the complexity of your situation. We operate on a fixed price agreement and take into consideration industry-wide pricing for advice when determining this fee. We will discuss this with you during our initial call & fact-finding meeting and agree upon a fixed price prior to commencement.

In most cases, your initial advice fee will include all associated implementation costs and where you do not opt for an Ongoing Service Arrangement you will have post-implementation administration services provided to you for a fixed period (typically 6 -11 months). This is designed to cover you if you need any additional administrative assistance relating to your plan and does not include further advice needs. An example maybe if you need to provide documents relating to your investments to Centrelink.

If you decide not to implement our recommendations, the fee for the preparation of the Statement of Advice becomes payable in full.

Ongoing Service Packages

We may recommend a tailored Ongoing Service Package depending on your personal circumstances and needs. These are determined as a Fixed Fee arrangement and will be disclosed within the Ongoing Service Agreement we provide to you. All Ongoing Service Packages include a minimum of an Annual Review. An Ongoing Service Fee is designed to cover the cost of any future advice needs.

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